Find Your Song to Inspire Calm

Transform from Devil to Darling

This week was abnormally chaotic, and I found myself behind the wheel stressed and short-fused. I was late for a rare and cherished meeting with my accountability group of all people.

I found myself cutting people off in effort to shave few minutes off the commute time. I didn’t like the anger with myself for being late and the anger I was likely creating in others I was aggressively trying to get around/ahead of. So I thought to put on some calming music to try to dissipate driving like a donkey (I really mean ass).

My favorite Christmas album came on, and soon found myself humming along to White Christmas and getting honked at for going too slow. Yes! I was so relaxed and at ease with the jazzy jams of Jack Jezzro that I was going underneath the speed limit.

Now, this Christmas in June tune selection was only possible because my husband was not in the car because I otherwise would have promptly, unapologetically been thrown out of it. And according to the reaction of my accountability partners whose opinions I very much respect, they too thought I was crazy to have selected Christmas music as my placating playlist. But what works for me may (sounds like probably) only work for me. The point is the power in knowing what will work for YOU!

When we can catch ourselves in a moment of fire, ire, and fury, we can (and should) try to redirect ourselves to calm. Catching ourselves is the challenge. Pausing to take note of how we are feeling and acting and if it’s aligned with our inner intentions creates the opportunity for change. Tuning in to a station, album, playlist, is easy if we know in advance what is our personal song to inspire calm.

So your homework for the week is to think about what these recordings are for you that have the ability to transform you from Tasmanian devil to sweet baby Jack, Jack. You don’t need prepare to share, but you do need to prepare to press play when your day dissolves into disarray.

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