Feel It to Seal It

Feel It to Seal It image

In my book which I soon plan to share, I talk about several suggested steps in the manifestation process. One of them I call “feel it to seal it” which is fairly self explanatory.

Many people have heard of the expression “fake it to make it” and this is very similar. The key distinction however is that you need to believe that which you are wanting to manifest, feeling (if even but for a brief moment in time) that your intention is your reality.

Feeling is the key word here. When I think of “faking” something, it doesn’t feel genuine. It actually feels purposefully misleading, which in my world, doesn’t align with my daily beliefs and intentions.

Instead, and perhaps this is just nomenclature, I propose that you feel it rather than fake it.

The way in which I feel it is that I give gratitudes for what it would be like were I living the life of my intention. I think about what I would be doing differently, and I give a quick thank you for how that feels different from what I am currently doing.

It doesn’t discredit the present. It doesn’t give devalue my current conditions. I accept where I am and acknowledge I am exactly where I need to be. But by taking a minute (and that’s really all it takes) to think of what you would be doing differently, to think how that would feel, and to give a quick shout out to the Universe for being the Awesome All-mighty Creator that loves you and wants you to be happy, you give the Universe a gentle reminder that you are on the path to greatness (whatever that means to you).