Life in the Slow Lane – Delays are With Intention

Traffic Photo at Sunset

For most of us, learning to appreciate, and even accept the slow lane is a trained talent. Waiting, be it checking out at the grocery store or getting through the stop light, tends to be a frustrating experience.

Just last week I was flying to Atlanta for a business meeting, and found myself irritated at the people in the security line who didn’t yet realize that unless you have TSA clearance (well worth the 1 hour interview and $100 application fee) you need to remove your laptop from your bag. The TSA pre-check line was closed, and I was about to blow my carrot top on some otherwise probably lovely people who simply never traveled, and somehow were all in the same line, doing the same forgetful thing, which just so happened to be the same line as me.

What I had to do – what I forced myself to tell myself – is that EVEN delays are with intention. Even missed planes. Even traffic jams. Even frustrating experiences with unaware people who should have at least bothered to read just one of the signs advising people what to do before you approach a conveyer belt at the airport.

There is always a lesson to learn, even if it’s just as simple as learning to accept the present no matter its current state. If instead of feeling frustrated, we use this time to pause, to breathe, to close our eyes, we turn frustration into opportunity.

I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it’s natural. But when you do it a time or two, you realize its power.