Crushing on Kurt…Why Kurt Warner is My Muse

It’s been 4 years and 133 days since I embarked on this journey to manifest millions. It seems like an exceptionally long time to be so focused on something – day in and day out – without success. One could argue that I’m doing something wrong. If I know what I’m doing, why is it taking so long? Do I really know what I’m doing? Or worse yet, is manifesting itself mere make-believe?

Rather than delve into doubt, when I reflect on time this is taking, I think of successful singers, actors and sport stars, many of whom struggled for years before their stardom. People who worked low-paying jobs to make ends meet while they passionately pursued their dreams, holding fiercely onto their beliefs of known talent and eventual success; people like Kurt Warner.

Kurt is a Super Bowl Champion. He won the MVP of the Super Bowl game when as quarterback in 1998, he took the Saint Louis Rams to victory in just his second year in the NFL.

He played his first NFL game when he was 27, 4 years after his college graduation. Those years after college were spent working at a grocery store stocking shelves at night for $5.50 an hour. He would train during the day and tell anyone who would listen that some day, he’d be an NFL quarterback.

As important as the quarterback position is, it’s almost unheard of to play in the NFL without being drafted. But to first join a NFL team at the ripe age of 27, to win the Super Bowl as the starting quarterback the following year, and to win the MVP of that game, is really, truly a testament not just to Kurt Warner’s talent as an athlete, but to his talent as a believer. He never stopped believing in himself and in his dream. That is hard to do, day after day, year after year, when NFL statistics and what many would think is just clear-headed, rational thought would suggest otherwise.

Kurt is my kind of crazy. He is a believer and an achiever.

While anyone who knows me will quickly point out that I’m a huge, almost creepy Peyton Manning fan, Kurt Warner is my boy. He’s my muse, my manifesting muse.