Co-Creating At Its Best – Book Review

Co-creating at its best book cover

Having just recently read and re-read  Co-Creating At Its Best by Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks, I’m amazed at the wisdom it conveys. I’ve been an avid reader on the Law of Attraction for over four years, but this book sheds new light and perspective on a subject I thought I already intimately knew.

First published in 2014, the event summarized in the book occurred on November 13, 2013, when in front of a live audience, Dr. Dyer interviewed Abraham. Abraham is a non-physical Collective Consciousness that Esther Hicks communicates with. (OK, ok. Technically speaking, Esther channels Abraham.  For this post though, I want to focus on what Abraham says as opposed to who Abraham is. So don’t be freaked out Mom. Keep reading.)

Dr. Dyer goes through a round of questions for Abraham, essentially looking to confirm that his understanding of his life’s events were correctly self-interpreted. It is both astoundingly affecting and effective to have Two Masters work together to explain how Source (the Creator, Almighty, Spirit, etc.) teaches, supports, guides, and above all, loves each of us abundantly, without exception.

Six Major Take-aways from Co-Creating At Its Best:

  1. Source is right here for us all, whispering to us, speaking clearly to us. “All we have to do is just listen a little.”
  2. Source never judges you.
  3. Source doesn’t hear what you say; Source hears how you feel.  So care, care ALOT, about the way you feel.
  4. How you feel is a reflection of what you are thinking. Change the way you feel by changing the thoughts you are thinking.
  5. When you change your thoughts, you change the way you feel, and events change too.
  6. It is through your own life experiences that you learn. Words alone do not effect change.
  7. “You have to find a way of believing what you want, because if you don’t believe what you want, what you want cannot come.” – Page  146

Co-Creating At Its Best is a short and quick 157-page read. I highly recommend that you read the book yourself. Read, believe, and then do.