Coaching & the Milkman

A few weeks back, after I knew that Lillybee was about to be sold, I prayed for insight (using the method I shared last week). It was bedtime, but before I crawled in, I laid down on the floor and became very clear about my intention, which was to go to sleep and wake with answers or at least a direction of what my next career path should take.

I woke with a very clear dream which I quickly wrote down to ensure I would remember. I was in an old-fashioned milk delivery uniform complete with cap and wire carrying case – something right out of the 50s – and drove door to door making milk deliveries.

Now this seemed like a CRAZY answer to my prayer. In fact, I thought it was so hilarious that I shared it with a friend, and it was she who suggested I search the web for dream interpretations.

Here’s an abbreviated summary of what I found: To dream of milk represents choices that you know are good for you and make you stronger, choices that self-improve. It represents actions of doing the right thing in order to fix a problem and feeling good experiencing the improvement occurring. It means you are changing your life for the better.

When I combine that insight with the fact that I was delivering the milk, I came to one seemingly surreal, but logically concrete conclusion: I should be a coach – I should deliver help so others can make healthy decisions to improve their lives. I never would have thought a dream about milk would be the catalyst to coaching. It seems outrageous, or a stretch to the say the least, but coaching is something I have long considered. And upon ample reflection, I’m now crystal clear not just about becoming a coach, but on my personal style of coaching.

As of today, starting with making this announcement to each of you, it is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I share that my new occupation and passion and purpose is that of CHEER COACH.

There are many wonderful, talented, dedicated coaches to help people find and define their purpose. That is not my purpose. My purpose is that once you know what you want, I’m the coach who is going to help you get there. I’m dedicated to the team, as in Team U, and will be on the sidelines coaching, cheering, and pushing you every step of the way to Victory Road.

It’s really humbling to realize that every step of my own journey has led me to this – from being cheer captain in high school, to being a CPA, to hiring other coaches from which to learn, to starting and selling 3 companies, and to a dreaming about milk. I’m honored and excited to be here.

Let’s have a toast shall we. You reading this blog helped me get here after all. So please raise your glass. I’ll be raising a tall glass of milk of course.

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