Checking In Within…Mac the Bulldog Teacher

I have a dog named Mac. He’s a bulldog, a breed said to be opinionated and bull-headed. I can see clearly now that (unknowingly-at-the-time) I chose him because I needed a lesson, a teacher if you will, in learning how to deal with myself (because I’m also bull-headed).

Mac has indeed taught me lots – from how to tune out distractions (such as snoring), to how to make people feel special (by getting excited when they get home), to not judging based on looks (he looks fierce and intimidating, but inside he’s a timid, little lap dog).

Just last weekend though, Mac taught me something greater.

Mac loves the beach. He loves trying to intimidate the ocean and attack those pesky, unrelenting waves. It’s rather entertaining to watch him ferociously frolic without any wane in determination. It brings to mind Winston Churchill’s quote “Success is stumbling from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.” (By the way, Churchill had a beloved bulldog named Dodo.)

When I took him outside before bedtime, he ran towards the water. It happened to be midnight on a cloudy night, with a new moon, on a very unlit beach…and poof, like magic, he disappeared. Within minutes, we had a four person search party on the hunt. But hours and miles of beach-combing later, we reluctantly headed back to the house without Mac.

Understandably so, everyone that was still awake, especially my husband (kids were sleeping) was distraught. But I refused to consider the alternatives. I didn’t go dark or even get sad because when I checked in within, I felt in body, mind and spirit that Mac would come back.

Sure enough, when I woke up at 6 am to resume the search, upon stepping outside onto the deck, maybe 2 minutes later if even that, Mac comes waddling up the porch steps…wet, weak, clearly distressed and exhausted from his all-night excursion.

No one knows what happened to him that night. But when Mac returned I got back a lot more than my beloved bulldog. When Mac came back, I got a renewed sense of trust…trust in trusting myself.

A loved one’s destiny is far beyond our control. What is meant to happen will happen. But we always have the ability to check in within and see what feels like truth. Our inner compass is real. We all have one. In my opinion, our compass is connected to God, the Loving Almighty who created us and remains with us always. When we check in within, we essentially are checking in with Spirit, with Source, and with God. The more often we do it, the easier it becomes to trust in the face of scrutiny and uncertainty.

We have no control over anyone but ourselves. I surely didn’t make Mac come home. But perhaps he knew I never gave up. And sometimes, if it’s meant to be, we can be a compass for others.