The Benefits of Looking Up

We’ve been scuba diving in four countries, and while seeing the colors, corals, and exotic fish is engaging, one of my favorite features of scuba diving is swimming on my back, looking up from under the sea into the sunlight shining down.  With diving, you can experience how the light pierces and penetrates the ocean surface. On a cloudless, sunny […]

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Holy Moly

Image of Tour Group in Jerusalem

Post-Jerusalem I’ve been waiting to write this blog post. I wanted to see if my feelings changed after the proverbial dust settled from visiting the 3,000+ year old city. They didn’t, so here I am. I can’t begin to walk you through the sites. The magnificence of such sacred places can be insinuated in images, but feelings doesn’t translate onto […]

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Shabbat Shalom, Far from Home

We are now in Israel, specifically Jerusalem, and what an amazing city this is. Many people, at least many Americans, associate Israel with Judaism. And while the majority of the Israelite population is Jewish (approximately 75%), you don’t need to be of the same faith to appreciate the surroundings. After all, Jesus has a very important history here. As does, […]

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Easy Go, Easy Come

Image of Sydney Harbor Bridge

My caring and generous best friend Christine (the one who brought me not just one, but two pairs of pants) is visiting us in Australia with her fantastic husband and kids, who my husband, kids and myself so conveniently adore. The adventures diving on the Great Barrier Reef, feeding crocodiles, and snuggling koala bears have been as plentiful as they’ve […]

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The Pitfalls of Poor Packing

Image of Waiheke Island in New Zealand

On our 2nd continent in our 3rd of 20+ weeks of travel, I’m already regretting my packing choices. Packing for nearly 6 months of nomad homelessness presents its own sort of challenge, but adding to it the perquisite of packing and storing all of one’s possessions in advance of such worldwide wandering was arguably a regrettable undertaking, if not absurd […]

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The Magic of Machu Picchu

Image of Machu Picchu and Llama

Most of us have seen the pictures of the Citadel, the impressive citadel built by the Incas 600 years ago. It was discovered in 1911 by Yale Professor, Hiriam Bingham. The reason why it still stands is that the Spanish conquistadores who defeated the Incas never knew about the city sitting 8,000 feet above sea level, so they didn’t know […]

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I Should’ve Known Better

Each year around this time, I speak with Maggie Garbarini, the world-renowned psychic I met at Miraval five years ago. And for the last five years, she’s told me the same three things: There will be a move of home. It’s “good for us.” We’re taking the kids on a “trip across water” probably to Paris. In prior readings, it […]

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