What’s the Lesson to Learn Here?

A friend recently asked what my blog was about. “Not getting what you want” was my answer. Hah! How depressing?! My intent was not to write about how to sustain belief in the face of disappointment. But yet, that’s what I’ve been writing about. So I suppose that’s the lesson I’ve been needing to learn. When we struggle, with mindfulness […]

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The Thing about Receiving…

I’m just back from a joy-filled, heart-warming visit with my Mom. We played in a golf tournament, which really just gave me a semi-valid excuse to hop on a plane to go spend time with her. While the golfing was fun, the conversations and laughter shared we far more memorable. My previous post about being a Receiver came up, and I now […]

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Kiss and Tell – The Universe Decides How

Hanging Clothes in Closet

I’m not gonna tell. That’s what I’ve decided. When I get kissed, and more importantly how I get kissed, will stay in the closet (which truth be told, is actually where I was kissed for the first time). Unlike with that first kiss through which my besties were given the play-by-play, this kiss will remain a secret between two. So when the question of “how […]

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