The Value of a Village

It’s Takes a Village. We’ve all heard that expression before, and it’s usually in reference to raising a child. Being a parent is such a great, unyielding, easily overwhelming responsibility that it requires the assistance of others. At times, however often or infrequent, we need the support of others to teach, protect, transport our children because we just can’t do […]

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And Then You Rise

My prior post wasn’t so perky. It was raw and real, and also healing. When you allow yourself to feel, you allow yourself to heal. Feeling leads to healing. And today, Tuesday, I feel light, and bright, fresh and full. I could write more, but this feels right. 🙂

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The Purpose, Power, (and Pain) of Psychics…

I’ve got a secret, one that some would say is dirty or even embarrassing. I love going to see psychics. Yes in part, I go for entertainment just to see if there’s a modicum of truth to their intel. But I also have a psychic that I’ve consulted with for over 17 years, aptly named Majesty (pictured here). WHY do […]

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How To Love When You Don’t Agree…

My husband is a realist. I’m a dreamer. And somehow we meet in the middle and enjoy the journey together. It’s a logical question to ask. How do you knowingly, willingly choose to share your life with someone who doesn’t share the same belief system that guides you? How do you stay happily married if one partner’s perspective is that […]

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How to Spend Quality Time Alone…

I started this blog to share things as I’m going through them, as opposed to posting pretty pictures after the the hard work is done and the sweat has dried. This is not Instagram, where every post is fabulously filtered. This is a behind-the-scenes, movie-in-the-making. Like with most great movies, the final film is the end product of cheers, tears, […]

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Are you a Receiver of Abundance?

Image of Unopened Present

I just had a major self discovery. It’s quite life altering, and my guess is that if you ask yourself these two questions, you may share the same epiphany. The questions are: Do you believe you a receiver of abundance? Are you actually open to receiving at all? Here’s how the topic arose. This week, I went to see my Naturopath. She […]

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Making Space for the New

Lillybee Lifestyle Brand

I have a day job – one that I love and have been leading for the last 4 years. I’m the CEO/Co-Founder of Lillybee, a lifestyle brand for women who are champions of both spirit and style. I love this business, and have been fearlessly, tirelessly devoted to it even since I first gave birth to the idea back in […]

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Co-Creating Together

Why did I decide to start this blog? Because I wanted to share the process of manifesting and how it requires discipline and diligence. Prior to the birth of this blog, I successfully manifested love, health, and wealth (all outlined in my book which I will soon share).  And for the last four years, I’ve been manifesting a non-profit wellness […]

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Forest, Trees, and Having Perspective

Pink Creeping Myrtle Tree

There is an amazingly bright and beautiful tree in our backyard that blooms every year despite our lack of care. It’s produces vibrant pink flowers that bloom for months. Recently however, I haven’t noticed the tree. I’ve been consumed by the fallen flowers than “litter” our patio furniture. It’s been such an obsession that I just bought a battery-operated blower to […]

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Kiss and Tell – The Universe Decides How

Hanging Clothes in Closet

I’m not gonna tell. That’s what I’ve decided. When I get kissed, and more importantly how I get kissed, will stay in the closet (which truth be told, is actually where I was kissed for the first time). Unlike with that first kiss through which my besties were given the play-by-play, this kiss will remain a secret between two. So when the question of “how […]

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