Find Your Song to Inspire Calm

Transform from Devil to Darling

This week was abnormally chaotic, and I found myself behind the wheel stressed and short-fused. I was late for a rare and cherished meeting with my accountability group of all people. I found myself cutting people off in effort to shave few minutes off the commute time. I didn’t like the anger with myself for being late and the anger […]

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Coaching & the Milkman

A few weeks back, after I knew that Lillybee was about to be sold, I prayed for insight (using the method I shared last week). It was bedtime, but before I crawled in, I laid down on the floor and became very clear about my intention, which was to go to sleep and wake with answers or at least a […]

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Nature’s Michelangelo – Faith and Love


We just returned from spending spring break in Colorado where we rented a car and adventured far and wide. What an amazing state with beauties unparalleled! One of the places we landed was the Gateway Canyon in the Palisades of Western Colorado. It was unanimously decided that this was the highlight of our trip. The kids loved the freedom, the free […]

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Belly-Flopping off My High-Flying Vibrational Disk

Isn’t it amazing how meaningful life lessons come to us in the most curious of times… I just spent the last seven hours loading a royalty report to a licensing website for Lillybee (my for-profit passion…as opposed to Oak Lea Lane, my non-profit passion). It’s due tomorrow and I spent the entire morning preparing the tedious excel document. Uploading it should have […]

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Why Worry?! It’s a Waste of Thought

Kassie Rempel and Kids

Whenever we fly, my kids barrage me with questions about flight. They are ages 9 and 11, and the questions are always the same – all questions of worry for problems that I knowingly can’t accurately answer: Is the plane safe? Is the pilot healthy? Will it be a smooth flight? Is this carrier due for a crash? Can anyone but […]

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Over the Rainbow, Where Songs are Signals

Double Rainbow Image

Yesterday morning did not start out as planned. For one, I was expecting to win the lottery last  night and I didn’t. For two, the first email that I opened was that my bank account was overdrawn to the tune of $1,200. (I apparently, absolutely accidentally, mailed some checks that I was waiting to send until I was certain we had the funds […]

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Learning from Loss – RIP Molly Rempel

Happy Dog with Tongue Hanging Out

Today we say goodbye to our sweet dog of 14 years – Molly. I jokingly say she was the best barking doorbell and mobile vacuum a loving family could ask for.  She leaves us with more than perhaps we ever gave her – no matter how many Thanksgiving dinners she consumed courtesy of her stealth table-surfing-skills. Molly gave us the opportunity for […]

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Spooktacularly Spirited Day!

Raggedy Ann and Andy Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween – my favorite holiday of the year. It’s not that I particularly like ghosts and goblins. I definitely don’t like being scared. What I love though is the playful spirit that comes from playing dressing up. Everyone young and old gets to cater to their inner child and simply “become someone else” without judgement and with full applause […]

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