How to Spend Quality Time Alone…

I started this blog to share things as I’m going through them, as opposed to posting pretty pictures after the the hard work is done and the sweat has dried. This is not Instagram, where every post is fabulously filtered. This is a behind-the-scenes, movie-in-the-making. Like with most great movies, the final film is the end product of cheers, tears, […]

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Mothers May Memoir

Homemade Mothers Day Card

Mothers Day was just this past Sunday, and I spent mine doing that which I love most: eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts; taking a bath; watching my children conquer new things (my daughter had her first hit in softball); drinking wine; and, spending time laughing and connecting as a family, while we (hubs, me, Oakley and Lily) played games outside in the backyard. […]

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