Catch and Release Technique

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It’s early in the New Year. It’s early in the life cycle of my blog. And it’s early in my attempts to follow my dreams of helping people believe in themselves. There’s so much to be excited for. And to be scared of.

What experience do I have?  What credentials hang on my wall?  How am I remotely qualified in this field? The truth is that I’m not. Even if I wanted to be “qualified” I’m not sure what I’d do to get there.

When I begin to doubt myself, and those silent but deadly, self-destructive thoughts of being “less-than”, or “unworthy of” make me question my desires, I take action. It takes practice, but I solemnly vow that it works.

When your thoughts turn on you, and you begin to doubt your worth and question your ability to achieve, don’t settle in and partake in the private perverse conversation. Instead, elect to redirect.

This is a very intentional and perhaps at first forced process. Acknowledge your self-defeating thoughts and promptly redirect them. Without diving into the “WHY” these thoughts occur, I simply say hi, I see you, and now here’s the door. It’s very unceremonious.

When you show them the door, you aren’t holding onto these thoughts long enough to let them fester. You don’t have time to judge these ideas, or rather yourself for having them. You are simply acknowledging and releasing. Catch and release. The faster the better. Similarly, the less emotion you put into the redirection, the less emotional attachment you have to it.

Because the absolute truth is, when we believe and follow our dreams, we don’t need external “evidence” or “endorsements” to support and justify our faith. We don’t need anyone else to tell us that they think we are smart enough, or determined enough, or lucky enough to (so forth and so on) to be able to actually obtain that which we are determined to achieve. The single, one and only qualification and ingredient needed is to believe in yourself.  That’s it. That’s where it starts. And it’s where it remains.

Believe in You. I enthusiastically do!