Blind Faith – Believing Without Seeing

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Oak Lea Lane…

While I’ve had the vision, and even the location for Oak Lea Lane for nearly 3 years now, before this weekend, I wasn’t sure what sort of services would be offered. I knew that generally, I’d create a wellness center to help people believe in themselves. And that was a solid start. But it irritated me that my vision was so vague.

Why was I wanting to open a retreat if I didn’t know what would be happening at it? Better yet, why would the Universe even consider co-creating such a place with me when its overall operations were unknown?

My goal seemed insincere, like I was wanting it because it sounded good, but not because it felt good. And truth be told, it didn’t feel good. The goal felt weak and uncertain – not what you want when co-creating with the Almighty.

But the BeeGees changed everything. While listening to my second favorite falsetto (Justin Timberlake you are my #1)  on my flight back from a tradeshow for Lillybee (my company and other passion), the purpose of Oak Lea Lane floated down from the clouds. I figured out what workshops we are going to host at Oak Lea Lane, not just in general, but specifically.

The idea? A course on BLIND FAITH, temporarily “blinding” participants so they learn how to trust their instincts and not merely their eyesight.

🎉 🌈 🌸 🎊 CELEBRATION TIME!! 🎉 🌈 🌸 🎊

Have I manifested my millions yet so I can buy the identified property and open the doors? Not exactly. In fact, I have exactly $432 in my bank account right now. But that part is not for me to figure out. That is for the Universe to decide. I needed to solve WHAT FOR. That’s useful information because NOW I feel aligned with my goal.

I now know what to do at Oak Lea Lane. Now I feel empowered, ready, and true.

I’m ready when you are Loving Almighty. Because I have blind faith.