Belly-Flopping off My High-Flying Vibrational Disk

Isn’t it amazing how meaningful life lessons come to us in the most curious of times…

I just spent the last seven hours loading a royalty report to a licensing website for Lillybee (my for-profit passion…as opposed to Oak Lea Lane, my non-profit passion). It’s due tomorrow and I spent the entire morning preparing the tedious excel document. Uploading it should have only taken 5 minutes. Instead it took 7 hours.

  1. I didn’t eat dinner with the family;
  2. I didn’t put the kids to bed; and,
  3. I didn’t watch UNC lose to UVA (which in hindsight I’m grateful I missed).

And you know what else I didn’t do, I didn’t succeed. I never got the cursed file to load.

Now, very belatedly and with sheepish giggles, I realize that this technical problem was more of a spiritual challenge. It was a test of balance and will, and I flat out failed. We’re talking big ugly belly flop, face smash to the floor.

Some background information: Abraham, a family of Non-Physical Beings who call themselves a Collective Consciousness, communicates through Esther Hicks, a lively spirit currently in her physical form (aka she’s alive).  Abraham works through Esther to help us (people with beating hearts) understand the Love of Source (aka The Almighty) and how to connect with Source to have a happy, joyful, love-filled human experience.

We choose how we feel by focusing on our thoughts. Focus on happy, joyful, loving, healthy thoughts, we feel good. This puts us on what Abraham calls a “high-flying vibrational disk.” Vice versa, when we focus on negativity, disappointment, grief, fear, worry, anger, defeat, jealousy (get the point?), we are on a “low-flying vibrational disk.”  We can easily tell which disk we’ve chosen to put ourselves on from the events and peoples that we meet. The more ornery we are, the more ornery people we encounter because we are a vibrational match.

Essentially, the longer we fly high (as in continuous hours for consecutive days), the easier it gets, the more our inspiration flows, and the closer we are to Source and to the ability Co-Create.

Abraham explains a time when they knew Esther had found grace and stability on her high-flying vibrational disk.  In their example, Esther was trying to rescue something that had fallen behind a heavy dresser, and she couldn’t get it out. Despite the frustration, because she consistently, electively, purposefully remained on her high-flying disk, she was laughing at the challenge as opposed to cursing it.  She didn’t fall away from feeling good simply because something didn’t go her way.

Then there’s me and my experience. I was being a miserable, grumpy ogre who threatened to dismantle the entire harmony of the family because of my own selfish, self-absorbed struggle.

It was only when I went upstairs to get ready for bed (after the entire house was already asleep) and tried to take my necklaces off did I begin to appreciate that I was attracting more frustrating experiences. My two necklaces were grossly intertwined, and the more I struggled, the more they tangled and tightened around my neck. I couldn’t even find the clasps to try to remove them. So I stopped for a brief period to calm, refocus, and light a candle. But when I opened the matchbox, the stick matches fell into a deep drawer of clutter. And that’s when it dawned on me…girl – get it together – you have fallen hard!

The key to staying on the positive, high-flying vibrating disk isn’t just to be nice to the people you encounter. It’s to be nice and to embrace every situation – even the frustrating ones. That’s what being present means. When we accept the now with grace, with the traffic, with the trapped objects, with the troubled technology, with the knotted-up necklaces, and missing matches, we can maintain control of our feelings. Our feelings are for us, each of us alone, to decide and determine. And when we consciously manage our feelings, we can effectively maintain our balance.