Believing in the Midst of Doubt

Struggle Bus

Let me be real. I’ve managed to board the struggle bus today and I’m energetically trying to get off.

It’s Monday and I stayed up late watching the Super Bowl and Tom Brady pull off one of the biggest comebacks in NFL history. But that’s not why I’m dragging. I’m struggling because somedays, like today, I wonder what I’m doing wrong and why my goals are yet my reality.

It is 100% natural during the course of co-creating that you are going to have moments of doubt and disappointment, but it doesn’t make it feel any better. The key to getting two feet back on the ground (and off the struggle bus) is to navigate and recalibrate.

During the process of co-creating with the Almighty, some days are going to be frustrating. Sometimes, you may feel alone. That’s what happens with you elect to partner with a Spirit Being that has to communicate with signs and signals. But that those silent messages are still loud and clear communication; they speak VOLUMES! And I wouldn’t want any other partner in the process. Afterall, we are grateful for this AMAZING opportunity the Almighty has afforded us. Right?!

So on days like today, I go back and read my journal entries of all the signs that I’ve seen along the way. They serve to soothe and reassure. I also remind myself that the Universe knows best. It’s really that simple. The Universe knows the best timing for us to receive. Period. End of argument.

Mantras for Manifesting:

  • We Believe in the Universe.
  • We Believe in the Law of Attraction.
  • We Believe in our innate Personal Power to Co-Create.
  • The Universe knows all and knows best.

So today (and on future days of doubt), I don’t judge myself for having these feelings. They are natural. Instead, I will remind myself of my mantras for manifesting, and soon enough, I will be fully immersed in feelings of gratitude and excitement for today and for what I know is to come. I know this works, because it just did.