Awareness During Aloofness

Lillybee Trade Booth in Atlanta

I’ve been at a tradeshow for the last 5 days, bound to my 10X10 square foot booth for 10 hours a day. It equally exhausting on both the feet and the brain as you have to repeat the same sales pitch and answer the same questions some 30+ times throughout the day.

During demanding days such as these, it’s hard to remember meditations and visualizations, let alone what exactly I’m working towards outside of an immediate sale. But I try to remain open. 

When we remain open, we are able recognize signs and embrace opportunities.

For example, on this trip, three things happened which I was not expecting:

  1. I met three fabulous people from different like-minded companies who I look forward to incorporating into my life;
  2. I saw a double rainbow, my lucky sign, courtesy of a friend on Instagram; and,
  3. In a very overcrowded, overwhelming jewelry store I stumbled upon a simple bracelet which read “She believed so she could.” The women in my life who inspire and support me will soon be receiving this small but meaningful gift.

When we need to reduce our daily practices to accommodate a demanding day, we don’t need to sacrifice awareness. The Universe is always leading us towards our intentions.  And when we remain aware, we recognize these signs of support.