Are you a Receiver of Abundance?

Image of Unopened Present

I just had a major self discovery. It’s quite life altering, and my guess is that if you ask yourself these two questions, you may share the same epiphany.

The questions are:

  1. Do you believe you a receiver of abundance?
  2. Are you actually open to receiving at all?

Here’s how the topic arose.

This week, I went to see my Naturopath. She does muscle response testing which blows my mind every time. I could spend several posts trying to describe what it is, how it works, and all the various ailments it’s identified, but I’m going to have to trust you already know or will research it on your own.

In today’s session. Dr. Julie identified that while physically I was well, mentally I was suffering from feeling a Lack of Abundance. Hmm…that’s disappointing and surprising, I thought. After all, I write in my gratitude journal everyday. I meditate on gratitude. How could this be? I feel blessed! When she quietly tested further (I can’t follow along with her murmurs), what she specifically identified is that I lacked the belief that I receive abundance.

BOOM! BAM! ZING! OUCH! Not that I wanted to give her a hive five or a hell yeah because what she was saying was super painful, but she nailed it! I broke out in a wide-eyed, all-knowing, face-filling smile. While I never had given it any thought before, it was as true as the Law of Gravity and the Law of Attraction. Not only did I not think of myself as a receiver of Abundance, I was indeed quite horrible at being a receiver of any sort at all!

The magnitude of her findings made me feel like I had just hacked into the CIA network. I now had access to dirty little details (about me) that I didn’t previously have security-clearance to review. While I’m still digging into these highly sensitive and classified files, here’s a humbling, perhaps too revealing (cover your eyes Mom) look at what I’m not good at receiving:

  1. Tough love advice from my husband, mom and sister
  2. Emotional support from my girlfriends
  3. Gifts of any kind (pictured in this post is a birthday gift that sits unopened on my desk…my birthday was in January)
  4. Compliments from a stranger
  5. Money to contribute to the dinner tab
  6. Certain acts of love from my husband (hee! hee!)

If you’ve ever gone to dinner or drinks with me, you would know exactly the depth of devious measures I’m willing to take to prevent you from picking up the tab.

If we want to co-create with the Universe, we need to be able to receive, which comes in many forms.

  1. We need to be able to believe in ourselves, the Almighty, and the Law of Attraction.
  2. We need accept the presence, knowing where we are is where we are meant to be, while giving gratitudes for the good fortunes we already have.
  3. And we need to be gracious receivers – of things, of people, of information, and yes of abundance.

Times are a-changing. This girl is evolving. So consider yourselves forewarned. Should we ever get together for a toast or a taste, I may just let you get the check. 😱

We are Receivers of Abundance. Breathe, believe and let it flow.