Angels have Answers if we are Willing to Ask…

Angels are always at our side willing to assist, if only we are willing to ask. I so-so-so-SO know this. I’ve previously written about this very subject, and yet it’s just sad how often I forget. This week though, they sent me a reminder.

My 11-year old sweet, loving, thoughtful and considerate daughter is also a bit lazy. If there’s a clean counter, she’ll inevitably leave something on it – could be wrappers, could be homework, maybe it’s her dirty clothes (yes this happens). She simply hates putting things away, which means she also regularly is missing something because she can’t remember which flat surface she put it on. This time it was her phone, which went missing for 2 weeks.

Everyday she would sort of look for it, and everyday she’d ask if I happened upon it. She was sure it would be found, and so I just let her wait it out until she got motivated enough to really search for it.

Meanwhile, as you know, I write down my dreams, and most of the time, I don’t remember what I wrote down unless I go back and review my journal entries.

So I’m at the Vet waiting for my dog to get out of a procedure, and I decide to distract myself by reading my dream from the night before. Here’s what I wrote: “Angels show me to ask them for help in finding Lily’s phone.”

Huh…hmm…why yes that makes so much sense.

So right then and there in the vet’s office, I say to my angels “Angels thank you for being here with me always, even when I don’t remember you are here. I am looking for Lily’s phone. If you can, please help me find it.”

Immediately the next thought I had was to check my tote bag. Now my tote has a black bottom, and with the phone being dead, it was also black, but I never dove deep to look for it because I didn’t put her phone there so I didn’t think to check. But sure enough, when I pulled out the enclosed collection of bags, wallets, and receipts, her phone was there. 🙌 (Angels you amaze!)

Angels communicate with us is in various forms – in dreams, in thoughts, in things we that see, in people that we meet, in songs we hear on the radio. When we ask the question, it’s just a matter of looking and listening for something new that comes our way.

With loving gratitudes,

PS – In the off chance it sounds like this stuff works because I am smart and/or talented, please allow me to share that just today, I took my Barbour jacket back to the store to fix the broken zipper, only to be taught how to use one. Zippers confuse me…said no bright mind EVER!

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