Abiding by Abundance

The Almighty is Abundant. The Almighty has everything to give, and the Almighty generously gives it.

When we carry this with us, throughout our day from sunlight to moonlight, we liberate ourselves from feelings of despondency. Hope remains. Hope reigns because circumstances can and do change.

From my experience, abiding by Abundance is best implemented with a two-pronged approach:

  1. Preserve and protect our resolve, and;
  2. Embrace our presence (our current surroundings and circumstances) with acceptance and gratitude.

A recent, personal testament:

Lillybee, the lifestyle company I launched/managed for the last 5 years, is no longer my partners and mine. It sold this week.

For nearly a year, I tried to transition the company to more capable hands. I listed it for sale, but we got little interest. I tried to sell off the inventory, but we got little interest. In early January, I decided that by June we would cease all operations, no matter if I had to donate all the inventory. I proceeded accordingly and put the entire website on sale. I asked my brother, the Warehouse Manager, to start looking for a new job (he found a great one) and I informed the landlord that April or May would be our last month. Day by day, I did what I could to move closer to closing.

People would ask me about the 8,000 square feet of inventory. Was I going to get paid for it? Where would it go? How would it get there? Goodwill isn’t exactly in the business of sending a box truck for 30,000 pairs of shoes (which would have taken over 40 trips).

I didn’t have their answers, but I had my faith. I simply knew that it would all work out. Peace presided in the precariousness of the unanswered.

  • My physical eyes didn’t offer encouragement.
  • My email inbox didn’t offer insight.
  • My physical surroundings didn’t provide solutions.
  • But I was at peace. I accepted what was present and believed what was possible.

And when I received a call from an interested buyer that heard of Lillybee through a friend, I knew this man had all the answers. Within 3 weeks, Lillybee was sold. Just like that, out of no where, without a hint of his pending presence, the seller appeared. Was the sale everything I wanted? No. But it was all that I needed because it was what I received. And that is part of accepting.

When we deploy a two-fold approach to Abundance by both keeping the faith and accepting and appreciating our present circumstances, surroundings, and situations, we open ourselves to opportunity. When we are in a place of acceptance and appreciation, we also open our hearts. And by the way, when we hold open our heart space, that place of forgiveness and compassion, that’s when real transformations happen.