A Toast to Post-It Notes

This week I spent pruning, purging, and packing my office. It wasn’t fun as my reticent, rat-packing tendencies became loudly noticeable in the room that only I tend to use. There were some great discoveries though:

  1. I care less about a lot of things that used to matter to me, such as having sharpies in every color including all the pastels that have no practical, or even impractical use whatsoever.
  2. I don’t need to keep things just because I acquired them for free – like ballpoint pens from every company/charity/consultant I’ve ever encountered. Seriously. They were “working writing instruments” that I couldn’t bring myself to toss, and instead, let them wreck havoc over the one single drawer I had at my desk.
  3. While running my various businesses, I banned the use of sticky notes because turning over scrap pieces of paper worked just as well. (Rebecca and Austin – I know you are dying laughing right now because you know so well what I’m talking about and put you through!)

I’m reformed! Post-it notes actually have a great purpose, as I unearthed one (yes under the collection of corporate swag) that I had somehow forgot. It was a vision board of sorts on a 3″ by 3″ piece of tacky, pink paper (the very one pictured in this post), and on it, read the 5 things I was working towards:

  1. Pink Champagne (my favorite for celebrating)
  2. Paris
  3. Peru
  4. Private Plane
  5. Oak Lea Lane (the non-profit I want to launch)

I probably wrote these down 2 years ago. There were multiple versions of the same sticky note, but one went missing went my computer was stolen last October, and apparently the others lost their tackiness, or are perhaps buried under other free swag.

Regardless, I had forgotten the list until the big pen purge and powerful Post-it note resurfacing. And lo and behold, almost unbelievably, I’m heading to Peru in 3 weeks and to Paris in June. So yes, pink champagne is indeed appropriate, even if I have two more goals to go.

Vision boards work. As do Post-it notes. And sometimes, they’re a match made in heaven, or should I say Paris? Oui!

With loving gratitudes,

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