A Certain Sort of Crazy

My previous blog called my meditation muse, Mark Warner, “my kind of crazy.” He is crazy, crazy successful at believing in himself despite it taking 4 years to prove his statements of intent were indeed the makings of future accomplishments.

It’s been 1,599 days since I started to manifest millions. And I’m not a dollar or even a dime closer to that being my reality. But here I am still believing, still trusting, still blogging.

To some, it may seem that I’m crazy. This blog may be crazy, but I’m actually more motivated than ever to write.

See, this is not about a popularity contest. I’m not trying to stroke my ego by seeing how many followers I can gain. I’m blogging to help people believe. That’s it. If I help one person, then my efforts will be worthy.

The way I see it, if I blog now, while I am in the process of manifesting, while I’m in the act of co-creating, people will see the Law of Attraction as it’s being applied. I’m not yet a success and yet, I still believe.

It’s inspiring to read stories of people’s success. It’s a powerfully inspiring exercise to read how people have applied these principles to their lives, and found great success. But I’ve always wanted to know specifically, how they achieved it. What were the steps? What was the timing? How did they battle the doubts and doubters?

This blog exists to address those questions, because one day, I will know great success. Today though, as I sit here sweltering in the SC sun on a hot August 2017 afternoon, I assure you, I am an unknown. I am unproven. But isn’t that what makes this awesome?

I could be wrong, but I think it very raw, and very genuine to be sharing my stories along the path to procurement, on the path of success, but not looking retroactively at it having already achieved it. Believing in the process, and in oneself day after 1,599 days of manifesting a certain goal, takes a certain sort of crazy.

But if I can do this, which I know I can and will, then you can too. And that’s the whole point! Let’s get “crazy” together!