4 Forgotten Things to be Grateful For

Finding things to be grateful for should be as easy as reciting the names of your kids. Afterall, your kids are undoubtedly (at least most of the time) at the top of the list. And there’s things like butter and bubble baths to appreciate. But when you’re struggling, like I was last week, I really had to break it down.

My unevolved-self was pretty content wallowing in all that wasn’t right in my world – my husband and I were fighting, my daughter and I were fighting, my business was struggling, my clothes were tight, my face was breaking out, and school was out and having colossally failed to enroll the kids in camp, I was their entertainment for the week. I was feeling alone, overwhelmed, and under-appreciated. The self-pity was settling right in as if it were a welcomed guest.

Now I know, just as you do, that Eckhart Tolle advises us to be present in the moment. And I was. I was fully present of my unpleasant disposition. And I accepted it (hence the wallowing). But I also knew that I had the power to shift from somber to satisfied, from deficient to delighted, by focusing on what was right, as opposed to what wasn’t.

And while I’m always thankful for the people in my life, there are broader, simpler things I am grateful for, and infrequently acknowledge:

  1. I’m thankful for my senses that help me engage with and experience the world.
  2. I’m thankful for my breath that gives me life without effort or thought.
  3. I’m thankful for my health that allows me to live and move pain-free.
  4. I’m thankful for my faith that enables me to believe in the Almighty, in co-creation, and in me…even when my immediate circumstances may otherwise suggest that I’m nothing but an abandoned, forgotten failure.

When in the midst of disappointment and sorrow, in the throes of tears and tragedy, we continue to give thanks to what we have right now, even while in pain, we find peace and acceptance. When you move beyond being aware of your feelings, to truly accepting where you are, being grateful for your many blessings, you find relief. You feel peace. You reconnect with the Divine.

The prayer of gratitude transforms, even, especially, during your darkest days.

I know this because it is my truth. Same as it is yours. This is a Universal Truth.

Together, may we always remember that in gratitude, we find peace.