The Thing about Receiving…

I’m just back from a joy-filled, heart-warming visit with my Mom. We played in a golf tournament, which really just gave me a semi-valid excuse to hop on a plane to go spend time with her. While the golfing was fun, the conversations and laughter shared we far more memorable. My previous post about being a Receiver came up, and I now […]

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Are you a Receiver of Abundance?

Image of Unopened Present

I just had a major self discovery. It’s quite life altering, and my guess is that if you ask yourself these two questions, you may share the same epiphany. The questions are: Do you believe you a receiver of abundance? Are you actually open to receiving at all? Here’s how the topic arose. This week, I went to see my Naturopath. She […]

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The Benefits of Space Clearing

On my way to a meeting in Florida, I found myself with an empty home, too little time to start a new project, and too much time to sit idly by and wait for the cab to arrive. Just the day before I had watched Denise Linn free Hay House videos on how to clear/renew the energy in your surroundings. […]

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