Why Worry?! It’s a Waste of Thought

Kassie Rempel and Kids

Whenever we fly, my kids barrage me with questions about flight. They are ages 9 and 11, and the questions are always the same – all questions of worry for problems that I knowingly can’t accurately answer: Is the plane safe? Is the pilot healthy? Will it be a smooth flight? Is this carrier due for a crash? Can anyone but […]

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Over the Rainbow, Where Songs are Signals

Double Rainbow Image

Yesterday morning did not start out as planned. For one, I was expecting to win the lottery last  night and I didn’t. For two, the first email that I opened was that my bank account was overdrawn to the tune of $1,200. (I apparently, absolutely accidentally, mailed some checks that I was waiting to send until I was certain we had the funds […]

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Notice Others to Notice Change

Gratitude is my Love Language

I just read an AMAZING book called The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. The power of words as evidenced by its effects on water is truly mind-blowing, and for me, life changing. I highly recommend that you read this short and simple book. Today though, I want to focus on an experiment that the author does with standing rice. Using […]

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Making Space for the New

Lillybee Lifestyle Brand

I have a day job – one that I love and have been leading for the last 4 years. I’m the CEO/Co-Founder of Lillybee, a lifestyle brand for women who are champions of both spirit and style. I love this business, and have been fearlessly, tirelessly devoted to it even since I first gave birth to the idea back in […]

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Lessons Learned from the Grave

Little Girl on a Horse

My dad died of brain cancer when I was 18. He was but 41 years young. My sister and I laugh because he didn’t want to age, as in look old. And so he didn’t. A few days after my dad died, I vividly remember talking to him one night alone in my bedroom. I told him out loud (to be certain his […]

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Believing in the Midst of Doubt

Struggle Bus

Let me be real. I’ve managed to board the struggle bus today and I’m energetically trying to get off. It’s Monday and I stayed up late watching the Super Bowl and Tom Brady pull off one of the biggest comebacks in NFL history. But that’s not why I’m dragging. I’m struggling because somedays, like today, I wonder what I’m doing wrong and why […]

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