Learning from Loss – RIP Molly Rempel

Happy Dog with Tongue Hanging Out

Today we say goodbye to our sweet dog of 14 years – Molly. I jokingly say she was the best barking doorbell and mobile vacuum a loving family could ask for.  She leaves us with more than perhaps we ever gave her – no matter how many Thanksgiving dinners she consumed courtesy of her stealth table-surfing-skills. Molly gave us the opportunity for […]

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In the Vortex of Change – It may not be pretty but it’s where you are meant to be

Tornado Image

At present, my life is a bit like a circus act – there are lots of spinning plates precipitously balanced on wooden sticks. The red-wigged, colorfully striped clown in the middle ring is actually me. There is an unusual amount of potential change percolating around me as I: Adjust to a traveling/home-on-the-weekends husband; Explore a potential family move 1,500 miles from DC […]

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