Spooktacularly Spirited Day!

Raggedy Ann and Andy Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween – my favorite holiday of the year. It’s not that I particularly like ghosts and goblins. I definitely don’t like being scared. What I love though is the playful spirit that comes from playing dressing up. Everyone young and old gets to cater to their inner child and simply “become someone else” without judgement and with full applause […]

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My Faith Statement – Universe Has Your Back

Faith Statement for Universe Has Your Back

I’m about half way through the first chapter in Gabby Bernstein’s book entitled “The Universe Has Your Back” and I’m a big fan. I happen to love “experience shares” (as I affectionately call personal stories) because they make big concepts like co-creating with the Universe feel believable and attainable. It’s the entire basis for my book…but I digress…my book isn’t […]

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Forest, Trees, and Having Perspective

Pink Creeping Myrtle Tree

There is an amazingly bright and beautiful tree in our backyard that blooms every year despite our lack of care. It’s produces vibrant pink flowers that bloom for months. Recently however, I haven’t noticed the tree. I’ve been consumed by the fallen flowers than “litter” our patio furniture. It’s been such an obsession that I just bought a battery-operated blower to […]

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