Kiss and Tell – The Universe Decides How

Hanging Clothes in Closet

I’m not gonna tell. That’s what I’ve decided. When I get kissed, and more importantly how I get kissed, will stay in the closet (which truth be told, is actually where I was kissed for the first time). Unlike with that first kiss through which my besties were given the play-by-play, this kiss will remain a secret between two. So when the question of “how […]

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Mothers May Memoir

Homemade Mothers Day Card

Mothers Day was just this past Sunday, and I spent mine doing that which I love most: eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts; taking a bath; watching my children conquer new things (my daughter had her first hit in softball); drinking wine; and, spending time laughing and connecting as a family, while we (hubs, me, Oakley and Lily) played games outside in the backyard. […]

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