Right Here Right Now – Accept What Is Today

Easter Sunday Best with Bonnets
My sister came to visit this past weekend and we got to talking about challenges, setbacks, and disappointments. We all have them – and as much as we wish we were immune – we have them for a reason.
When I’m in a difficult or undesirable situation, I tell myself that I am here in this particular predicament, in this precise place with intention. Where I’m supposed to be to accomplish my goals and turn my visualizations into my realities, is exactly where I am today. I need to be where I am today, dealing with what I am today, so I can go on to achieve what I want to tomorrow.
And when you do that, when you accept what is as what should be, what happens next is both liberating and motivating…when you accept the here and now, when you trust in your path, you open yourself up to gratitude. You can be grateful for today, for this very moment, even if it feels unpleasant, because this very experience is what you need to achieve. Trust, accept, appreciate, evolve – – – all necessary steps on the path to success.