Nature’s Michelangelo – Faith and Love


We just returned from spending spring break in Colorado where we rented a car and adventured far and wide. What an amazing state with beauties unparalleled!

One of the places we landed was the Gateway Canyon in the Palisades of Western Colorado. It was unanimously decided that this was the highlight of our trip. The kids loved the freedom, the free bikes, the pools, the game room, and the outdoor activities. My husband loved the quiet of the resort. And I loved the beauty of the canyons.

One morning I woke early to catch the sunrise over the red rocks. What I experienced was more than mere beauty – it was divine.

Out on the vast horizon, at dawn just before the sun peaked over the canyons, there were two bright pink finger-like extensions: one reaching up, the other reaching down. I quickly spun around to see if this was a pattern, but there was nothing else like it in view. I stared in amazement at the wonder of what it could be. It was so unlike anything I had ever seen before, that I wanted to give it it due appreciation for its uniqueness.

When I started to focus on it, my body started to tingle. It didn’t just look majestic, it actually felt magical. I felt as is God was reaching down as if to say “I am here.” and I was reaching up like a child to a parent saying “There you are!!!!”

The image of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel with God reaching out to touch the finger of Adam in the act of Creation came rushing to mind. Nature was flamboyantly, poignantly communicating the connection between God and humans. God was reaching down as our Creator. And we merely needed awareness to reach out and feel the connection.

Dr. Wayne Dyer frequently said that “You’ll see it when you believe it.” You need to believe BEFORE you can expect to receive. It requires both faith and strength of conviction.

When I saw these two opposing yet connected pink streaks in the sky, I felt like I was seeing this concept in physical form – the Universe was reaching down to offer assurances of its presence. When we believe, we will see. And seeing will come in SO MANY forms. Seeing nature’s wonder is but one channel in which the Universe speaks to us. When you succeed in manifesting a goal – that’s another very tangible form. Signs and successes all serve to build confidence and further encourage efforts to foster our relationship with the Almighty.

Because as we reach with our blind faith, the Almighty reaches with Its Unyielding Love. And soon enough, our eyes open.