What Stories Do You Have to Share?

Red Headed Student Teacher at Desk

I’ve been thinking of the “title” I want to use to describe the work I do to help people believe in themselves. Many in the industry use terms like: Spiritual Guide Life Coach Motivational Speaker Master Teacher None of these interest me. Instead, what comes to mind is “Student Teacher.” The reason is because we ALL have something to share that […]

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Feel It to Seal It

Feel It to Seal It image

In my book which I soon plan to share, I talk about several suggested steps in the manifestation process. One of them I call “feel it to seal it” which is fairly self explanatory. Many people have heard of the expression “fake it to make it” and this is very similar. The key distinction however is that you need to […]

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In the Vortex of Change – It may not be pretty but it’s where you are meant to be

Tornado Image

At present, my life is a bit like a circus act – there are lots of spinning plates precipitously balanced on wooden sticks. The red-wigged, colorfully striped clown in the middle ring is actually me. There is an unusual amount of potential change percolating around me as I: Adjust to a traveling/home-on-the-weekends husband; Explore a potential family move 1,500 miles from DC […]

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My Faith Statement – Universe Has Your Back

Faith Statement for Universe Has Your Back

I’m about half way through the first chapter in Gabby Bernstein’s book entitled “The Universe Has Your Back” and I’m a big fan. I happen to love “experience shares” (as I affectionately call personal stories) because they make big concepts like co-creating with the Universe feel believable and attainable. It’s the entire basis for my book…but I digress…my book isn’t […]

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Practice Makes Patience

Inner Peace Bulldog Sleeping

Patience has not come easy for me. I could blame it on my Irish heritage or flaming red-hair, but that doesn’t diffuse, or rather excuse my hot-tempered nature. Only through deliberate reconditioning and reprograming have I begun to exude a calm and accepting disposition. It took effort and intention. It took time and dedication. Ultimately though, I credit Eckhart Tolle for teaching me […]

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