Trust in the Timing

The Loving Almighty created us, knows us, and knows what is best for us, even if at times, it pisses us off. I’ve had to come to terms with that, even though I admit to brattishly, egotistically disagreeing with the Creator of All. That, not-so-shockingly, didn’t work out, so I eventually came to appreciate that trust is truly the only […]

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Are you a Receiver of Abundance?

Image of Unopened Present

I just had a major self discovery. It’s quite life altering, and my guess is that if you ask yourself these two questions, you may share the same epiphany. The questions are: Do you believe you a receiver of abundance? Are you actually open to receiving at all? Here’s how the topic arose. This week, I went to see my Naturopath. She […]

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The Benefits of Space Clearing

On my way to a meeting in Florida, I found myself with an empty home, too little time to start a new project, and too much time to sit idly by and wait for the cab to arrive. Just the day before I had watched Denise Linn free Hay House videos on how to clear/renew the energy in your surroundings. […]

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Nature’s Michelangelo – Faith and Love


We just returned from spending spring break in Colorado where we rented a car and adventured far and wide. What an amazing state with beauties unparalleled! One of the places we landed was the Gateway Canyon in the Palisades of Western Colorado. It was unanimously decided that this was the highlight of our trip. The kids loved the freedom, the free […]

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My Winning Lottery Ticket

Image of Winning Lottery Ticket

Life is good. Even when it’s hard. Ever since that Wednesday a few weeks back when I asked the Universe to show me it was listening, some really fun things have happened. We… received deposits from Lillybee’s factoring bank (they previously forgot to post); randomly (not random) was contacted by Zulily with a request for an immediate sale; spontaneously sold 700 […]

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3 Tools to Be a Better Communicator

Image of The Four Agreement and Rising Strong Books

If you’ve read Eckhart Tolle, or probably even just heard of him, then you know that we are not our minds. Our minds, without direction, are mere automatic responses to the processing of external information as related to the ego. The ego is not who we are as spiritual beings in either the physical or non-physical form. And yet, ego […]

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Belly-Flopping off My High-Flying Vibrational Disk

Isn’t it amazing how meaningful life lessons come to us in the most curious of times… I just spent the last seven hours loading a royalty report to a licensing website for Lillybee (my for-profit passion…as opposed to Oak Lea Lane, my non-profit passion). It’s due tomorrow and I spent the entire morning preparing the tedious excel document. Uploading it should have […]

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