Checking In Within…Mac the Bulldog Teacher

I have a dog named Mac. He’s a bulldog, a breed said to be opinionated and bull-headed. I can see clearly now that (unknowingly-at-the-time) I chose him because I needed a lesson, a teacher if you will, in learning how to deal with myself (because I’m also bull-headed). Mac has indeed taught me lots – from how to tune out […]

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Why Manifesting is Like Giving Birth

The Universe knows when the time is right. Birth moms can appreciate the patience required with unknown timing.  I remember when I was expecting my first, and each day of the last 2 weeks of pregnancy was filled with anxious anticipation of not knowing when he/she would arrive. Would it be today? Would it be next week? Or did I […]

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4 Forgotten Things to be Grateful For

Finding things to be grateful for should be as easy as reciting the names of your kids. Afterall, your kids are undoubtedly (at least most of the time) at the top of the list. And there’s things like butter and bubble baths to appreciate. But when you’re struggling, like I was last week, I really had to break it down. […]

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Belly-Flopping off My High-Flying Vibrational Disk

Isn’t it amazing how meaningful life lessons come to us in the most curious of times… I just spent the last seven hours loading a royalty report to a licensing website for Lillybee (my for-profit passion…as opposed to Oak Lea Lane, my non-profit passion). It’s due tomorrow and I spent the entire morning preparing the tedious excel document. Uploading it should have […]

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Why Worry?! It’s a Waste of Thought

Kassie Rempel and Kids

Whenever we fly, my kids barrage me with questions about flight. They are ages 9 and 11, and the questions are always the same – all questions of worry for problems that I knowingly can’t accurately answer: Is the plane safe? Is the pilot healthy? Will it be a smooth flight? Is this carrier due for a crash? Can anyone but […]

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Lessons Learned from the Grave

Little Girl on a Horse

My dad died of brain cancer when I was 18. He was but 41 years young. My sister and I laugh because he didn’t want to age, as in look old. And so he didn’t. A few days after my dad died, I vividly remember talking to him one night alone in my bedroom. I told him out loud (to be certain his […]

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Learning from Loss – RIP Molly Rempel

Happy Dog with Tongue Hanging Out

Today we say goodbye to our sweet dog of 14 years – Molly. I jokingly say she was the best barking doorbell and mobile vacuum a loving family could ask for.  She leaves us with more than perhaps we ever gave her – no matter how many Thanksgiving dinners she consumed courtesy of her stealth table-surfing-skills. Molly gave us the opportunity for […]

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Spooktacularly Spirited Day!

Raggedy Ann and Andy Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween – my favorite holiday of the year. It’s not that I particularly like ghosts and goblins. I definitely don’t like being scared. What I love though is the playful spirit that comes from playing dressing up. Everyone young and old gets to cater to their inner child and simply “become someone else” without judgement and with full applause […]

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Forest, Trees, and Having Perspective

Pink Creeping Myrtle Tree

There is an amazingly bright and beautiful tree in our backyard that blooms every year despite our lack of care. It’s produces vibrant pink flowers that bloom for months. Recently however, I haven’t noticed the tree. I’ve been consumed by the fallen flowers than “litter” our patio furniture. It’s been such an obsession that I just bought a battery-operated blower to […]

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